are the objects of point card promotion.
Service Area available
1.Quick & Economy Bin  Urayasu, Gyotoku and Myoden area only
2.Charter Bin All Japan
3.Hikkoshi Bin All Japan
4.Mail Bin All Japan
5.Yu-Pack  All Japan


are the objects of point card promotion.
1.Quick Economy Bin  Service area (Urayasu, Gyoutoku and Myoden area only)
* Very quick! Within 3 hours from your consignment. Low prices that larger organizations can't beat!
  Time specification, C.O.D., rates to collect can be arranged.
* Delivery of your over-sized purchases e.g. from supermarkets, home centers and recycle shops.
* Transport your unneeded household appliances and furniture to recycle shops or disposal center.
Size (cm) 100 150 200 250 300 +50 Notes:
(JPY/ 5% tax included)
Weight (kg) 10 15 20 25 30 +5
Quick Economy Bin 315 525 735 945 1155 +100 *Delivery time (8:00 〜 20:00)
*No extra handling fee for "rates to collect
*No extra handling fee for C.O.D. up to \10,000(tax incl.)collection.
  3% of the collection as handling fee for over \10,000.
2.Charter Bin All Japan
*For the last minute delivery or business, we can arrange a light vehicle,2t/4t vehicle, refrigerated van, Powergate/Wingate vehicle immediately. All the vehicles are fitted with MCA radio to be able to track its location.
(E.g. light vehicle)
Initial charge \4,000 (distance up to 10km/chartering hours within 1 hour)
Distance \150 / km
Time \2,100 / hour
Toll fee actual expense
3.Hikkoshi Bin (Moving) All Japan
* We can support all over Japan, from corporate office to single person's moving.
We also take care of air-conditioner units (un) installed and disposal of unneeded items.
4.Mail Bin All Japan
* We'll post your mail and packages for you. Perfect for mass mail out. Saves you the
trouble of pasting stamps! We'll even pick up a few items.
1) Post cards, (non) standard-size mail (Urayasu, Gyotoku and Myoden area)
    Posting within 5 days after the collection.
2) Non-standard-size mail (All Japan)
    Posting within 7 days after collection
↑Please click the price table above and you will see prices in PDF form.
5.Yu-Pack  All Japan
* Contact us for pick up. Saves you the trouble of bringing them in to a convenience store.

For the details of Yu-Pack, Please see the URL of [JP Post].